Hill Climb Racing | The golden game from the last 3 Years!

hill-climb-racingIt has already been about 3 years since the incredibly popular and addicting mobile game Hill Climb Racing has been released. Throughout the years the game has been improved and changed a LOT. For example, there are a lot more stages and characters you can use the play the game. The game has also been made more stable and thus the chance of it crashing is incredibly low.


With over 25 cars and 25 stages there is a lot of playtime and skill needed to unlock them all. Not only is it really fun to unlock them all, it is also a great time killer. However, not everybody has the time, patience or skill needed to achieve this. Therefor some game studios have created Hill Climb Racing cheats and hacks. This can save quite a lot of time but it does take away from the fun. In my honest opinion, you should just play the game yourself. If you don’t have the patience to do this, this would probably be a great way to practice your patience!

hcr_2560pxI do have to say though, if you have an older Android phone or iPhone the game can run a little slow. It has become way better during the last years but it still can use some optimizations in this aspect. Though with good Android phones getting cheaper and cheaper (for example the OnePlus devices) it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to upgrade your device.

I would also like to note that you should also check out the other games by Fingersoft, the makers or Hill Climb Racing. Some other games by them are Fast like a fox, Benji Bananas and Fail Hard which, just like Hill Climb Racing, are also great and adictive games.

Tom Clancy’s The Division, it is finally coming! Gameplay, story information, The Division beta and more!

At Ubisoft’s E3 Press conference this year they released a lot of information about The Division. For the first time we were shown a high quality gameplay trailer which looked phenomenal. They showed off a lot of automatic weapons that are available in the game as well as a deploy-able turret and remove controlled bomb.

One of the players in the trailer was not playing on a console or PC but he was playing on a tablet. There was no character in-game but a flying drone like device which he could control using the tablet.


We also got to know some more information about the story itself. The whole game is focused around one group, The Division. This group tried to stop a weaponized virus that got released in the United States but they failed. A huge part of humanity got wiped out and now their main goal is to save the people that are still alive and try to fix the whole society.

The Division Gameplay

At E3 some people had the ability to try the same gameplay as shown in the trailer and according to the people that played that demo the gameplay was really smooth and seamless. The controls were very fast and easy to use and the shooting mechanics were great.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will not have any classes in the game. This is because the developers want you to be able to build your character however you would want and not be stuck with a certain class and its own skills. This way there is a much greater diversity of skills but what I am afraid for is that there will be a certain ‘build’ that is just much better than any other combination of skills.

The Division Beta

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference they game some more information about the game itself and showed a cinematic trailer which, as usual, looked quite interesting. Then they finally gave out the release date for The Division, March 8, 2016. Not only that but they also confirmed a Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta! This will be a great opportunity to play the game before it gets released And help the developers with improving the game!


Personally I just can’t wait for the game to release. For more information you can always visit Ubisoft’s main website.

Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference; Doom,, Dishonored, Fallout 4 Beta

This year, 2015, was the first year Bethesda studios had their own E3 Press Conference. To be honest, this was one of the best conferences at E3 this year so great job Bethesda! They have released a lot of information about a big list of games.

First of all, the new Doom. Personally, I am fairly stoked for this game. Doom is one of the most well-known first person shooters from the past and now Bethesda is remaking the whole game with top of the line graphics, physics and performance! There are going to be new guns, new enemies, new game-modes, a competitive multiplayer mode and a very user friendly and advanced map editor in which you can create your own maps with ease and share them through the new system.

The new system is completely built for and with the community. Using the new sharing system you can share new Mods for all the Bethesda games, custom maps and other content with all other players around the world.

Another thing I am very excited about is Dishonored 2. Not only will there be a completely new story, you can now also play as a completely new character, a female character. This will probably add a lot of replay-ability to the game.
They have also released a completely new extended edition of Dishonored. This includes the whole game, all DLC and extra content.

Of course what most people were mostly excited about was Fallout 4. And yes, they have released a lot of information about the game. Let’s start off with the release date; November 10, 2015. Not only did they give out the release date, they also mentioned something about a Fallout 4 Beta but as they did not gave any more information I guess it is going to be a Closed Beta.
The story of fallout 4 begins before the apocalypse. This will probably clear up quite some questions I currently have about the previous games.
They have also completely revamped the character customization system and you can now also play as a female character. Another thing they improved a lot is the whole crafting system. Now you can use random items you find in the world to create useful tools and utilities.

This all is just a small portion of the whole Bethesda conference. In my opinion they completely nailed the conference and for more information about Bethesda or the conference you can check out their website and this recap of the E3 Conference.

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